ASEE Conference 2021

2020 Eugene L. Grant Award

“An engineering economy concept inventory.” The Engineering Economist 65, no. 3 (2020): 179-194 by Bursic, Karen M.

ASEE Conference 2020

2020 Best Paper Award

Development of an Open Textbook for Engineering Economics”, Mr. Bradley James Schmid, (University of Saskatchewan), Brad Schmid is an assistant professor in Civil, Geological, and Environmental Engineering at the University of Saskatchewan.

2020 Eugene L. Grant Award

The Socioeconomic Feasibility of Greening Rail Stations: A Case Study in Lisbon, The Engineering Economist, volume 64,  number 2, pages 167-190, by Cristina Matos Silva, Joana Serro, Patricia Dinis Ferreira, and Ines Teotonio.

2020 National Engineering Economy Teaching Excellence Award:

Billy Gray presented an update. The award recognizes an individual who has demonstrated classroom teaching excellence and teaching scholarship in engineering economy. The award is presented biennially at the ASEE Awards Banquet held during the Annual Conference. The winner this year was Dr. Wolter Fabrycky

ASEE Conference 2019

2019 Best Paper Award

Lester Raymond Smith and Henry Lester for their paper titled “Instructor and Student Perceptions of the Authorized, Self-prepared Reference Sheet for Examinations,”

2019 Eugene L. Grant Award:

James Rutherford Cuthbert, “Partitioning Transaction Vectors into Pure Investments”, The Engineering Economist, volume 63, number 2, pages 143-152

ASEE Conference 2018

2018 National Engineering Economy Teaching Excellence Award

William Sullivan (Virginia Polytechnic and State University – Professor Emeritus) received the award at an ASEE Award luncheon and was also recognized at the joint division dinner.


2018 Best Paper Award

Integrating Ethics in Undergraduate Engineering Economy Courses: An Implementation Case Study and Future Directions.” James Burns (Purdue Polytechnic Institute), Bob White, and Azim Houshyar (Western Michigan University)


2018 New Engineering Economy Educator Award

Ona Egbue (University of South Carolina Upstate) received the award


2017 Eugene L Grant Award

“A general model to compute activity-based waste disposal costs for health care products Peter T. Vanberkel (Dalhousie University) and Saeideh Y. Moayed



ASEE Conference 2017

2017 Best Paper Award

“Work In Progress – An Engineering Economy Concept Inventory”   Karen M. Bursic, (University of Pittsburgh)  


2017 New Engineering Economy Educator Award

Jim Burns (Purdue Polytechnic Institute) received the award.



ASEE Conference 2016

2016 National Engineering Economy Teaching Excellence Award

Ted Eschenbach received the award at an ASEE Award luncheon on Monday, and was also recognized at the joint division dinner on Tuesday.


2016 Best Paper Award

A Design-Based Research Approach to Refining Pedagogy in Engineering Economics Online Learning, Kellie Grasman (Missouri University of Science and Technology), Dan Cernusca (North Dakota State University)  


2016 New Engineering Economy Educator Award

Paulina Sidwell (McClennan Community College) and Paul Lynch (Penn State – Behrend) were the two awardees.


2015 Eugene L Grant Award

“A Closed-Form, After-Tax, Net Present Value Solution to the Mortgage Refinancing Decision,” Richard A. Followill (University of Northern Iowa) and Brett C. Olson (University of Northern Iowa) Volume 60, Number 3, The Engineering Economist.