The EED is proud of the accomplishments of our members and authors.  Each year at the ASEE annual meeting the EED select a small number of papers submitted for special recognition.

ASEE Conference 2023

  • 2023 Annual Meeting Best Paper Award: “Student Self-Assessment: A Method to Improve Students’ Engagement” by Robert A. Baffour, Nathaniel Hunsu, Adel W. Al Weshah, Eliza A. Banu, Barbara Norton McCord, and Marguerite Carol Brickman.
  • 2022 Eugene L. Grant Award: The winner of the 2022 Grant Award is the paper “Optimizing the Flexible Design of Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems”, The Engineering Economist, volume 67, number 1, pages 25-51, by Ramin Giahi, Cameron A. MacKenzie and Chao Hu

ASEE Conference 2022

  • 2022 Annual Meeting Best Paper Award: “Annuities as a Good Course Example” by Lewis, N., & Eschenbach, T.
  • 2022 National Engineering Economy Teaching Excellence Award (NEETEA): Jerome Lavelle, Wilson College of Textiles at North Carolina State University received the award.
  • 2021 Eugene L. Grant Award:2021 Award: The winner of the 2021 Grant Award is the paper “The Levelized Cost of Energy and Regulatory Uncertainty in Plant Lifetimes”, by David C.
    Rode and Paul S. Fischbeck.

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