Fall ’21 Update from the Chair

Dear Engineering Communicators,

I will begin this newsletter with a heart full of thanksgiving. I even made a list! And good news – you’re on the list:

I am thankful for this division and you all who said “yes!” Finally, a professional home that makes sense for engineering communicators and has connected me with new friends and colleagues from all over the US.

I am thankful for our officers, who have dreamed big with me from the start and tolerate my rambles and tangents.

I am thankful for our book club discussing NAE’s “Changing the Conversation,” a core group who have become dear colleagues I can share ideas, ask tough questions, and cheer on in this tough career choice. I’m thankful they also dream big.

I am thankful for our annual conference and the sessions that I still reference on the weekly around here. Specifically, the mention of NAE’s “Changing the Conversation” that propelled us into a book discussion and now career trajectory as an “engineering communicator” instead of communicator-who-happens-to-work-in-a-school-of-engineering.

Zoom. Yes, I’m even thankful for Zoom for helping us stay connected for our annual conference, board meetings, book club discussions, and the tool I have utilized for the flexibility to remain at home for remote work.

Last but certainly not least, I speak on behalf of all to say we are ever so thankful for Nathan Kahl, who is the glue for this group and who had the vision to set forth on this journey. He is counted on by so many and just hope he knows he can count on us to do our part, communicating on behalf of our engineering faculty, students, and programs.

If you haven’t said “yes” to our division just yet, the virtual door is always open! If you aren’t sure, please check out the current list of members. To join, use the registration link and instructions on ASEE and remember to click “Engineering Communicators Division” during the process.  If you forget to click our division, you can always go back and add it later!

In this time of thanksgiving, I wish everyone a wonderful, peaceful, healthy(!) holiday season ahead.


Teresa Walker
Purdue University