Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to the ASEE International Division Website!

It’s finally here! After years of promises and good intentions, ASEE finally implemented its plan to host all division websites directly on the ASEE central server.  This is a fantastic improvement over the past decades, when our website has been maintained on university servers under the account of some members…usually the division webmaster.  This led to poor quality websites (who has the *time* to create and maintain a fantastic website?), not to mention long periods of the website being completely out of date, after a change in Intl. Division webmaster or someone forgetting the credentials!
Not only can the new website we maintained by *anyone* in the Intl. Division leadership, it also has tons of neat features that allow you…our valued division members…to contribute more actively.  For instance, the “posts” widget is allowing me to post this very note to you.  Any Intl. Division member is invited to post new items…just send you post request on to the division webmaster and we’ll get it posted ASAP!
This is your site; it is here to serve all of our joint interest in sharing, discussing, and moving the state of the art forward in this important area.  Please send mail to the current division leadership if you have suggestions for content or improvements in the site!

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