Welcome to the ASEE International Division Website!

The ASEE International Division is dedicated to improving international engineering education.  This broad goal encompasses a wide range of interests and activities including:
  • Providing a forum for promoting programs, curricula and activities aimed at enhancing the preparation of engineering students and faculty to operate in a global engineering economy.  Central in this activity is provision of paper sessions dedicated to the study and advancement of international engineering pedagogy at ASEE’s conferences.
  • Provide a forum for the exchange of information related to best practices in global engineering education, and relevant development and events related to this topic.  To publish a regular newsletter highlighting key events and sharing related information.
  • To recognize and encourage excellence and leadership in global engineering education.
This is your site; it is here to serve all of our joint interest in sharing, discussing, and moving the state of the art forward in this important area.  Please send mail to the current division leadership if you have suggestions for content or improvements in the site!