Division Awards

The Graduate Studies Division recognizes the Best Paper and Best Student Paper within our division at the ASEE National Conference each year. In addition, we give out the Keating Award every year.


Best Paper Award

The Best Paper award, given each year to one paper presented at the ASEE annual conference within the Graduate Studies Division, recognizes an excellent paper in the area of graduate engineering education.

Past Winners of the Best Paper Award

Hybrid Learning Styles, Quintana Clark & Alejandra J. Magana, 2015

The PhD Advising Relationship: Needs of Returning and Direct-Pathway Students, Erika Mosyjowski, Shanna R. Daly, Diane L Peters, Steve Skerlos & Adam B. Baker, 2014

Feeling Like a Grad Student: A Survey of Undergraduate Researchers’ Expectations and Experiences, Kathleen Colbry, Korine Steinke Wawrzynski & Megan Shannahan, 2013

Investigation of the Work Environment of Engineering Ph.D.s in the United States, Joy Watson & Jed Lyons, 2012

The Challenge of Returning: Transitioning from an Engineering Career to Graduate School, Diane L. Peters & Shanna R. Daly, 2011



Best Student Paper Award

The Best Student Paper award is given each year to one paper presented at the ASEE annual conference within the Graduate Studies Division. In order to be eligible for the Best Student Paper award, the primary (first) author of the paper must be a student in a graduate or undergraduate program.

Past Winners of the Best Student Paper Award

Recruitment Efficacy of a Summer Undergraduate Research Program: Impact on Graduate School Intent and Selection, Gurlovleen Rathore & Matthew Pariyothorn, 2015

Graduate Student and Faculty Member: An Exploration of Career and Personal Decisions, Rachel McCord, Cory Hixson, Ella Lee Ingram & Lisa D. McNair, 2014

Am I a Boss or a Coach? Graduate Students Mentoring Undergraduates in Research, Janet Y Tsai, Daria A Kotys-Schwartz, Beverly Louie, Virginia Lea Ferguson, & Alyssa Nicole Berg, 2013

Facilitating Graduate Students’ Professional Development: Implementation and Evaluation of Learning Activities, Jiabin Zhu, Cyndi Lynch, & Monica Farmer Cox, 2012

Doctoral Students as Course Instructors: Three Engineering Teaching Assistants’ Socialization Experiences, Irene B. Mena, Heidi A. Diefex-Dux & Brenda Capobianco, 2011



Keating Award for Innovation and Leadership in Lifelong Learning in Graduate Engineering Education

This award is established in memory of Donald A. Keating, who, during his association with the ASEE Graduate Studies Division, epitomized the best in innovative graduate engineering education and scholarship. Keating was a visionary in developing and creating the National Collaborative for Engineering Graduate Education Reform Strategy. The strength of the National Collaborative vision is sustained by a strong U.S. system of professional graduate engineering education directly relevant to growing the U.S. engineering workforce in industry, which is the primary mainstay of our competitiveness as a nation. The award is to celebrate the passion, vision, and integrity of Donald Keating’s leadership in development of ideas, content, and programs that foster the ideals of professional master’s and doctoral degree programs in the pursuit of engineering, leadership, and technology innovation.

This award is given to an individual who over a period of time demonstrates commitment and leadership to the ASEE Graduate Studies Division, especially in the area of professional graduate education, as was demonstrated by Donald A. Keating. This award is reserved to recognize an extraordinary level of support for professional graduate education. At most, one award will be made annually. Further details, including the nomination process, can be found here.

Past Winners of the Keating Award

Dr. Mohammad Noori, California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo, 2014

Dr. Stephen Tricamo, New Jersey Institute of Technology, 2013

Dr. Duane Dunlap, Purdue University, 2012 (inaugural award)