Name Affiliation Committee Role Journals
Nadia Kellam Arizona State University Co-Chair  Journal of Engineering Education
Donna Riley Purdue University Co-Chair   
Mike Borowczak University of Wyoming Journal Editor Computers in Education Journal
Holly Matusovich Virginia Tech Journal Editor Advances in Engineering Education
Heather Nachtman University of Arkansas Journal Editor The Engineering Economist
Nancy Study Penn State – Behrend Journal Editor Engineering Design Graphics Journal
Donald Visco University of Akron Journal Editor Chemical Engineering Education
Jyhwen Wang Texas A&M University Journal Editor Journal of Engineering Technology
Nabila Akthar ASEE HQ Staff Standing Member
Maura Borrego University of Texas – Austin Standing Member  
Mel DeSart University of Washington Standing Member  
Ralph Gerena ASEE HQ Staff Standing Member  
James Holly, Jr. University of Michigan Standing Member  
Adrienne Minerick Michigan Technological University Standing Member