Charge to the Committee on Scholarly Publications

updated: April 19, 2022

The exchange of information and the promotion and dissemination of scholarly work are vital components of the engineering education ecosystem, and ASEE is committed to supporting its members in these pursuits. Avenues for promoting and disseminating scholarly work continue to expand, including peer-reviewed publications, intellectual property, multi-media or digital products (video, podcasts, etc.), and other future mechanisms of information transfer.  To oversee and steward ASEE’s leadership in engineering education, the ASEE Committee on Scholarly Publications is charged with:

  • Developing policies and guidelines to support editors for existing ASEE-affiliated journals and establishing procedures to create new journals in support of member needs
  • Facilitating communication and decision-making between the ASEE Board of Directors and ASEE-affiliated journals
  • Promoting and marketing  scholarly publications to general ASEE membership (e.g., coordinating ASEE booth at national conference)
  • Convening editors of ASEE-affiliated journals through periodic roundtable meetings
  • Proposing changes to the ASEE Board of Directors related to scholarly publications (e.g., establishing a new VP of Scholarship)
  • Being involved with editor searches for ASEE-affiliated journals (e.g., having at least one member of the Committee on Scholarly Publications serving on search committees)
  • Serving as an umbrella organization to reduce the burden for editors of  ASEE-affiliated journals (e.g., helping the editors work with publishers, identifying opportunities to leverage economy of scale, reviewing conflict of interest policies)
  • Considering ways to expand the avenues for ASEE members to disseminate their scholarly work through non-traditional publishing venues


The Task Force on Scholarly Publications, Chaired by Professor Maura Borrego of UT-Austin, provides excellent suggestions and examples of the types of activities in which the committee should or could engage. The committee is encouraged to use the Task Force report as a starting point for their deliberations.