Call for Papers

The Computing and Information Technology Division (CIT) invites abstracts and subsequent papers for the 2022 ASEE Annual Conference being held in Minneapolis, Minnesota, June 26 – 29, 2022. CIT is a multidisciplinary group with interests in education in computing and information technology, applied information engineering, systems integration, and information technology management. Papers that are accepted by the CIT division are automatically considered eligible for the CIT Best Paper Award. The CIT Best Paper is then considered for the ASEE Annual Conference Best Paper award, competing against the Best Papers from other divisions.


The CIT division encourages contributors from any discipline to submit relevant abstracts for the 2022 ASEE Annual Conference. CIT Division also accepts research articles under “Work in Progress” category.

Topics of Interest:

·        Cloud Computing

·        Cyberinfrastructure Systems

·        Virtualization

·        Operating Systems for Parallel and Distributed Systems

·        Cluster Computing

·        Fault Tolerance and Testing in Computing

·        Parallel Computing

·        Teaching Parallel Application Development

·        Multicore Computing

·        Multi-tier and Enterprise Processing

·        Grid Computing

·        Computing in Healthcare System

·        Computing in Biology

·        Bioinformatics

·        Robotic Networking

·        Local and Global Privacy and Security Standards

·        Network Security

·        Designing Security into Integrated Systems

·        Embedded Security

·        Information Assurance and Security

·        Wired and Wireless Networking

·        Web Services and Internet Computing

·        Parallel Databases

·        Data Mining and Warehousing

·        Mobile Database

·        Distributed Databases

·        Data Engineering

·        Embedded Databases

·        Big-Data Analysis


·        Real-Time Systems

·        Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing

·        Mobile Applications

·        Wireless Sensor Networks

·        Smart Cities

·        Smart Grids

·        Mobile Systems


·        Women in Computing

·        Computer Science & Information Systems Student Recruitment Activities

·        K-12 to College Computing Curricula

·        Capstone Experiences in Information and Computing Curricula

·        Assessment Approaches for the Computing               Curricula

·        Computer Science and Information Technology Education

·        Innovation in Computing Systems in Education

·        Undergraduate Research Involving Information and Computing

·        Novel Uses of Information Technology for                   Instruction


Important Deadlines:

Monday October 11, 2021.

Abstract Submission Open

Panel Session Application Open

Monday November 8, 2021.

Abstract Submission Closed

(Please Note: Draft Papers can be submitted as soon as Abstracts are accepted)

Monday December 6, 2021.

Abstract Accept or Reject Notification to Author Deadline

Monday February 7, 2022.

Author Deadline: Draft Paper Submission


Authors of accepted abstracts will be invited to prepare a full paper for peer review for publication in the conference proceedings. The CIT has a Publish-to-Present policy which states that a paper must be both submitted and accepted for publication in order to present at the annual conference.