Article I Name

The Division of the American Society for Engineering Education shall be known as the Computing and Information Technology.

Article II Purpose

The Computing and Information Technology Division shall provide leadership and coordination within the ASEE to enhance the state of knowledge of computing and information technologies. These include, but are not limited to networking, database systems, web-based applications, human computer interaction, information assurance and security, multi-tier processing, visualization, simulation and artificial intelligence, multi core programming, cloud computing and virtualization technologies, web services, and remote laboratories.

Article III Membership

The membership of the Division shall consist of members of the Society who affiliate with the Division by indicating their choice on their application for membership (or renewal) in the Society. They may also affiliate by filing a written request to do so with the Executive Director of the Society.

Article IV Officers

The officers of the Division shall be a Division Chair, Program Chair, a Web-Master/Secretary, and a Treasurer. The Vice Chair for Programs shall be elected in alternate years for a two-year term of office and succeeding thereafter to a two-year term of office as Chair. The Treasurer and Secretary shall be elected each year for one-year terms of office.

Article V Executive Board

The affairs of the Division shall be administered by an Executive Board consisting of the officers, the immediate Past-Chair, and at least two Directors elected from the Division membership in alternate years for two-year terms. The Chair of the Division shall serve as Chair of the Executive Board.

The Executive Board has the authority to appoint subcommittees, to fill Executive Board vacancies, to approve the Chair’s appointments to the Nominating Committee, and to administer the affairs of the Board during the year.

Article VI Election of Officers

The Chair of the Division shall retire at the end of a two-year term at the annual meeting. At that time, all newly elected officers shall assume their responsibilities. On appropriate years, the Program Chair shall succeed the Division Chair.

The Nominating Committee, referred to in Article V, shall nominate one or more candidates for those positions of the Executive Board that will be vacated at the end of the next annual meeting.

The nominating Committee shall obtain the consent of each nominee prior to submitting his or her name for nomination. The Nominating Committee shall report their nominations to the Secretary before May 1, and the Secretary shall inform the membership of these nominations in a notice e- mailed 30 days before the Society’s Annual meeting.

In addition to those nominations made by the Nominating Committee, additional names may be nominated for any open office upon presentation of such nominations at the Division’s annual business meeting at the national conference.

In the event of the resignation or death of one of the members of the Executive Board, the Executive Board has the authority (Article V) to select a successor who will serve until the end of the next annual meeting. The Executive Board shall determine the logical specific procedures for re-election of the vacated office in each case. In the event of the resignation or death of the Division Chair, that Program Chair due to succeed to Division Chair shall automatically assume the duties of the Division Chair. New officers and the newly elected member to the Executive Board shall take office upon conclusion of the Society’s Annual Conference.

Article VII Duties of Officers

The Chair shall:

Have administrative responsibility for the conduct of all functions of the Division in accordance with these Bylaws, the policies and procedures established by the Executive Committee, and the provisions of the Constitution of the Society.

Schedule, organize, and conduct the annual business meeting of the Division and all meetings of the Executive Board.

Represent the Division, its members and the computing and information technology community in all relationships with the Society and other units thereof.

Act as a signatory, along with the Secretary/Treasurer, for expenditures against accounts held by the Society on behalf of the Division.

The Program Chair shall:

In cooperation with the Division Chair, devise a program plan for all technical and professional sessions to be sponsored by the Division at that annual conference of the Society, in consonance with the established theme of the annual conference and the expressed interests of the members of the Division.

In cooperation with Division Chair, organize and schedule all technical, professional and business sessions sponsored by the Division at the annual conference of the Society. These duties shall include: coordination with other units of the Society with whom the Division may co-sponsor an event; selection and oversight of session moderators; coordination of selection and supervision of speakers; representation of the Division with the Society in all program matters; and other related tasks as may be required.

In conjunction with the Executive Board, plan, organize and direct any and all other technical and professional programs of the Division.

In conjunction with the Executive Board, develop guidelines, which will foster consistency and high professional standards for the conduct of all programs, sessions, publications and other presentations of the Division.

Act for the Division Chair at business meetings of the Division or the Executive Board, in the event of the absence of the Chair from such meetings.

The Secretary/Web Master shall:

Be responsible for the official correspondence, records and archives of the Division. The Secretary/Webmaster shall maintain the official files of the Division and shall pass these along intact to his/her successor.

Record minutes of the annual business meetings, meetings of the Executive Committee and other special meetings as may be appropriate. The Secretary/Webmaster shall distribute copies of the minutes to Society officers and Division members, as is appropriate.

Be responsible for design and maintenance of the Division Web-Page and any interaction that relates to the Division e-mail listserv.

The Treasurer shall:

Develop and maintain financial accounts with Society headquarters as are appropriate to the pursuit of the purposes of the Division. These duties shall include acting as a signatory for expenditures against accounts held by the Society on behalf of the Division.

Prepare an annual financial report of the Division for presentation at the annual business meeting of the Division.

Article VIII Meetings

The Division shall hold an Annual Meeting at the Society’s Annual conference. The Annual Meeting shall be open to the public. Voting privileges, however, shall be extended only to members of the Division. The business of the Annual Meeting shall include reports by the officers and chairs of standing and ad hoc subcommittees. The Division shall elect officers and directors at this time.

The Secretary shall notify all members of the Division of the time and place of the Annual Meeting by e-mail at least thirty (30) days in advance of the meeting. A majority of those voting shall be sufficient for any decisions unless otherwise specified in these Bylaws.

The Division may conduct its business by e-mail, providing all provisions of the Bylaws are observed and that such business is reported at the next Annual Meeting of the Division. A minimum of thirty (30) days shall be allowed between the e-mailing of any ballot, motion, or resolution and the date required for its return.

The Division may adopt its own rules of procedure, but in the absence of such rules, ROBERT’S RULES OF ORDER, latest edition, shall apply.

Article IX Committees

The Executive Board shall establish such regular and special Committees, as it deems necessary to carry out the purposes of the Division.

The Nominating Committee shall be composed of the Immediate Past Chair of the Division as Chair and two Division members appointed by the Division Chair with the advice and consent of the Executive Board.

Article X Amendments

Amendments to these bylaws may be proposed by the Executive Board or by a petition signed by five members of the Committee. To be considered at the Annual Meeting, the proposed amendment must be received by the Secretary before May 1. The Secretary shall notify the members of the proposed amendment in the notice of the meeting, and shall submit the proposed amendment to the Bylaws Division of the Society for review.

Adoption of the amendment requires and affirmative vote of two-thirds of the votes cast, either at the Annual Meeting or by an e-mail ballot.

Article XI Awards

Best Paper Award:

The Computing and Information Technology Division sponsors a Best Paper Award consisting of a cash prize as well as a presentation of a plaque during the annual business meeting of the division. All papers submitted to the division will be considered for the award.

Article XII Adoption

These bylaws shall become effective upon affirmative two-thirds vote of members responding to an e-mail ballot and subsequent ratification by the ASEE Board of Directors.