Conference Presentations

The following selected papers were presented at BAE-sponsored sessions at the 2014 ASEE Annual Meeting and Exposition in Indianapolis, IN.

  • Creativity and its Assessment in a Design and Development of Food Products and Processes Course  [view paper]
    Mrs. Silvia Husted (Universidad de las Americas Puebla), Dr. Nelly Ramirez-Corona (Universidad de las Americas Puebla), Prof. Aurelio Lopez-Malo (Universidad de las Americas Puebla), and Dr. Enrique Palou (Universidad de las Americas Puebla)
  • Improvement of Bioengineering Courses through Systems Biology and Bioprocess Modeling [view paper]
    Dr. Kirk D. Dolan (Michigan State University), Dr. Yinjie J. Tang (Washington University), and Dr. Wei Liao (Michigan State University)
  • Students’ Selection of Topics for a Professional Development Course  [view paper]
    Dr. Ann D. Christy (Ohio State University)