2023 ASEE Annual Conf. Call for Abstracts – Opens October ’22

Colleagues –

The Architectural Engineering (AE) Division seeks presentations and invites submission of abstracts for the 2023 ASEE Annual Conference in Baltimore, Maryland June 25-28, 2023.

Abstract Submission opens October 2022.

  • Abstracts from academia and industry related to the teaching of architectural engineering, engineering technology, and building science are highly encouraged.
  • The AE Division encompasses Construction, MEP, and Structural disciplines.
  • The AE Division of ASEE has a Publish-to-Present requirement, and both abstract and paper submissions are subject to a blind peer review process.
  • Papers without a clear link to education and academics will not be accepted.
  • While papers submitted are often descriptive, we value research based on quantitative/qualitative methodologies related to architectural/engineering education.
  • Topics that emphasize diversity and inclusiveness in architecture/architectural engineering education are highly encouraged.
  • There is an option to submit papers describing ‘work in progress’ – these are research/design projects not yet complete in their data and conclusions while substantive in content. If submitting a paper of this nature, it must be noted in the title and/or abstract as a ‘work in progress’ to be considered for this category. (Note: These papers may be accepted for posters based on number of accepted papers.)
  • Topics of interest might include, but are not limited to, the following themes:
    • Diversity in Architectural Engineering Programs, Professionals and Profession
    • Recruitment, Retainment & Graduation Rates of Architectural Engineering Students
    • Innovation in Engineering Education in Construction, MEP/HVAC/Lighting/Acoustics/Fire-Protection and Structures
    • Incorporation and attainment of sustainable targets benchmarks (i.e. LEED, WELL, LBC, etc.) into learning outcomes
    • Interior Design and Building Façade coursework incorporating Regenerative, Biophilic and Biomimicry Design
    • Instructional Strategies incorporating Digital Technologies for Teaching and Learning (i.e. I.M., Digital Design, VDC, and Design Visualization)
    • Assessment and Continuous Improvement of architectural/engineering courses, programs, instructional methods to meet and exceed ABET Program Criteria
    • Innovative new courses, teaching methodologies and Pedagogy
    • Cooperative efforts between education and industry
    • Multi-, inter- and transdisciplinary Design Team Effectiveness and Challenges
    • Integrating Undergraduate and Graduate research and design
    • High Impact Experiences, including Co-ops, Internships Service learning
    • Capstone Design Projects & Design Competitions
    • Architectural Engineering program’s role in meeting Carbon, Energy, Water and Waste
    • How are Architecture and Engineering programs preparing graduates to meet Grand Challenges, Resilience to Climate Change and Pandemic
  • Special DEI session planned:
    • The division will be hosting a diversity panel at the 2023 conference.
    • Authors can submit a blinded 200 – 400 word abstract electronically through the ASEE Conferences website for review.
    • Provide a clear statement of the paper objective, the topical area, relevance to the Architectural Engineering educational community, a demonstration of how the proposed paper adds to the knowledge base.
    • Authors of accepted abstracts will be invited to prepare a full paper for blind peer review and publication in the conference proceedings.
    • Papers must demonstrate an appropriate level of scholarship and should incorporate solid research methodologies.
    • White papers or papers to sell products are typically not accepted.
  • Details for submission process:
    • Paper presentations will be assigned to either poster, panel, or presentation sessions at the discretion of the Program Chair.
    • All corresponding authors must also serve as reviewers. Please update your reviewer status when you submit a paper.
    • We invite you to submit abstracts to the ASEE Conference website and specify ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERING DIVISION.
    • Submissions must be completed electronically, and due dates and times are indicated on the ASEE website (https://www.asee.org/events/Conferences-and-Meetings).
    • For more information, please contact the Program Chair: Rachel Mosier (Mosier@okstate.edu). See below for complete contact information.

For additional information on submissions for future conferences, please contact:

Dr. Rachel Mosier, Assoc. Professor
Construction Engineering Technology
Oklahoma State University
570 EN, Stillwater, OK 74078

(Pronouns she/her, honorifics Dr./Mx.)