The Military and Veterans Division of the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) solicits your sponsorship for initiatives that we are undertaking in support of Veterans and Military Engineers across the nation. This document details sponsorship opportunities.

Additionally, we seek your support in helping us share our mission with others interested in supporting student veterans at institutions of higher education. Please consider sharing our newsletter and directing your colleagues to our JoinUs page for information on member registration.




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Is There an Engineer Inside You? A Comprehensive Guide to Career Decisions in Engineering

KEEN’zine – Issue 1 – Instill an EM in Students

KEEN’zine – Issue 2 – Engineering Unleashed

KEEN’zine – Issue 3 – Intrapreneurship

KEEN’zine – Issue 4 – Mindset Unleashed

KEEN’zine – Issue 5 –The Handbook for EML

Kern Entrepreneurial Engineer Network

(Technical Skillset + Entrepreneurial Mindset = Success)

KEEN Engineering Unleashed

Why Entrepreneurial Mindset Matters

KEEN Video Playlist