The objectives of the Military and Veterans Division correspond to the objectives of the Society, as set out in the ASEE Constitution, with an emphasis on those objectives that pertain to active duty military engineers and engineering technologists as well as users of their engineering services and veterans of the military who are pursuing pathways into engineering and engineering technology careers.

Specifically, the Military and Veterans Division shall serve its members as a common agency of collaboration, stimulation and guidance in:

  1. promoting awareness of Engineering Technician, Engineering Technology and Engineering (ETETE) careers, pathways and academic readiness for active duty military and veterans.
  2. recognizing strategies and models that leverage military experience for appropriate academic and professional recognition.
  3. fostering academic environments supportive of a military cultural background.
  4. leveraging academic, industry, and government resources to stimulate the pipeline of active duty military and veterans into ETETE careers.
  5. improving the quality of education in engineering and engineering technology courses and programs conducted by military organizations.
  6. promoting connections and research efforts between civilian engineering schools and appropriate military organizations.
  7. promoting effective means to assist veterans in transitioning to the engineering profession.
  8. promoting effective recruitment and retention strategies for both civilian and military engineers within military engineering institutions (programs).

The full list of the organization’s bylaws are available here. The Executive Committee Roster for the MVD is listed below.

2016-2017 EXCOMM Roster

Position Name Organization
Chair Dr. Oscar Barton Jr. George Mason University
Program Chair Dr. Keith A. Landry Georgia Southern University
Program Chair-Elect Dr. Blake Stringer Kent State University
Secretary/Treasurer Dr. Robert Rabb The Citadel
Veterans Chair Vice Admiral (ret) Mel Williams Jr. Catholic University of America
Newsletter Editor Dr. B. Grant Crawford Quinnipiac University
Historian Commander Corinna M. Fleischmann U.S. Coast Guard Academy
Awards Selection Chair Lieutenant Colonel Brian Novoselich U.S. Military Academy
Webmaster Dr. David Feinauer Norwich University
Nominating Cmte Chair Dr. Grant Crawford Quinnipiac University
Member at Large Lieutenant Colonel Rich Melnyk U.S. Military Academy
Member at Large  Dr. John Santiago Colorado Technical University