Budget statement

Budget Statement

DEED maintains a financial balance to support activities that recognize and support membership of the Design in Engineering Education Community with key activities occurring at the ASEE Annual Conference and Expo.  Three key programmatic initiatives occur at the annual conference and are supported through budget allocations.  First, DEED supports member-proposed workshops and special sessions yearly related to the broad topics of engineering design education.  For workshops, this funding is meant to defer provider and attendee costs.  Second, DEED aims to provide an interactive division mixer table yearly at the annual conference, and funds support materials and prizes for the expo design activity.  Third, DEED aims to provide opportunities that allow membership to meet; this is key for recruitment as well as community building.  As an example, DEED hosts a Mix and Mingle prior to the Annual Conference Business Meeting with heavy hors’d’oeuvres. 
To support and enhance DEED membership directly, DEED recognizes a best paper within the division, hosts essay competitions, and offers a service award.  Each of these honors comes with financial support as well as certificates of achievement.  The DEED budget supports each of these initiatives. 
Beyond the Annual Conference and Expo, DEED supports initiatives and conferences with a similar mission to the DEED community.  As an example, DEED has been a long-time supporter of the Capstone Conference. 
The balance maintained by DEED is primarily supported by yearly membership dues in the amount of $5.00 per member.  The maintained balance targeted by the division is approximately $10K to 12K.  This budget allows DEED flexibility as needed based on conference location cost, and allows DEED to engage in design-focused initiatives requiring sponsorship at the Annual Conference and Expo as they arise