Registration for CoNECD 2022’s pre-conference workshops is now open!

For more information, visit Pre-Conference Workshops on our page!

All pre-conference workshops are scheduled for Sunday February 20, with the first workshops beginning at 1:00pm.  The cost to attend each workshop is $15. For workshop registration, go to the CoNECD 2022 website, select Conference Registration and when registering, click on “Get Tickets and Build Schedule”.  The list of workshops is there as part of the Sunday schedule.   Below is a list of the workshops being offered:

Inclusive Leadership Development for Engineers
Speaker: Dr. Meagan Pollock
This workshop equips participants with a standards-aligned, strategy-driven leadership development model for equipping engineering students with skills to appreciate differences in the workplace and to collaborate and lead inclusively. We will use interactive and engaging learning activities where participants explore, discover, and apply their learning.

Aspire’s Inclusive Professional Framework: Supporting Faculty Enhancing Diversity & Inclusion
Speakers: Dr. April Dukes and Dr. Jacqueline El-Sayed
This session is designed to engage participants in considering their own instructional roles, and how identity, power, and positionality inform their practice, and impact student learning. Key to the session will be the opportunity to put into practice their reflection and learning.

Advising Graduate Students: Lessons Learned from the Dissertation Institute
Speakers: Dr. Holly M. Matusovich, Dr. Mayra S. Artiles, Dr. Stephanie Adams, and Dr. Juan Cruz
The Dissertation Institute is a one-week intervention for minority students in the final phases of the doctorate. During this intervention, students are given a series of talks and tools for succeeding in the doctoral pursuit as well as time to practice these skills, particularly those relevant to writing. This workshop is designed for all faculty who currently advise graduate students. Early career faculty are particularly encouraged to attend.

Appropriate Evaluations of Applicants’ Diversity Statements for Improved Inclusivity and Convergent Thinking
Speakers: Dr. P.K. Imbrie and Dr. Teri Reed
This workshop proposes to lead participants in understanding the relationship between diversity statements and convergent thinking; the general and unique characteristics of the organizational culture the applicant desires to enter; the expectations for different levels of leadership in the organizational culture; and finally, the development of rubrics for judging the strength of candidates’ diversity statements depending on the convergence culture and leadership position needed.

Peer Reviewing: Cultivating an Equitable and Inclusive Scholarly Community
Speakers: Dr. Lisa Benson, Dr. Rebecca Bates, Dr. Karin Jensen, Mia Ko, and Dr. Gary Lichtenstein
The workshop will lead participants through a discussion of the review process, how peer review can help build an equitable and inclusive scholarly community, and how they can contribute to the process. Through interactive discussions, small group activities, and individual reflection, participants will explore the role of peer review and how they fit into the process, quality criteria for scholarship in engineering education, equitable and inclusive practices when applying those criteria in the peer review process, and aspects of a high quality peer review.

For more information, visit Pre-Conference Workshops on our page!