WIED Officers – Nominations for 2018

WIED Members,

I am pleased to announce that we are accepting nominations for the WIED Executive Board.  If you’ve thought about getting involved, now is a great time!!

The WIED Nominating Committee is seeking candidates for four positions. Members may nominate friends and colleagues (with the friend/colleague’s consent) or may self-nominate. The positions and their responsibilities are described below.

To nominate yourself or a colleague for one of these positions, please email Jenahvive Morgan (jenahviv@egr.msu.edu). The email should indicate the nominee’s name, affiliation and the position in which s/he is interested. Please include a brief bio (150-200 words) to be used on the WIED election page for membership voting purposes.

Questions about the positions and their duties may be directed to Jenahvive Morgan (jenahviv@egr.msu.edu)) or to the person currently filling the position. All nominations and bios must be received by no later than March 15, 2018.


Program Chair Elect


Director: At Large

Assistant Webmaster

——————————Description of Positions—————

Program Chair Elect – The Program Chair-Elect becomes the Program Chair after 2 years as Program Chair-Elect, then becomes the Division chair after 2 years as Program Chair. The Program Chair is responsible for (1) announcing the Call for Abstracts to the WIED membership and beyond as necessary, (2) coordinating the Abstract Review Process including obtaining reviewers and assigning abstracts for review, (3) coordination of the full paper submission process, (4) coordinating the paper review process, (5) organizing the submitted papers into sessions, and (6) other conference program details as necessary. This position involves a weekly time commitment, and the Program Chair-Elect position is a total commitment of six years.  CURRENT: Janet Callahan (janetcallahan@boisestate.edu)

Secretary – The Secretary shall keep the minutes of the meetings of the Division. This would include monthly board teleconferences and the annual meeting minutes. This position has a 2-year term.  CURRENT:  Malini Natarajaratinam (malini@tamu.edu)

Director: At Large – Those elected to these positions are assigned duties by the Division Chair, usually to work on standing or ad hoc committees of the WIED. This position has a 2-year term.  CURRENT:  Rachelle Reisberg (r.reisberg@neu.edu)

Assistant Webmaster – The Assistant Webmaster shall assist the Webmaster and shall succeed them after their term. This position requires experience in web design and involves a weekly time commitment. The Assistant Webmaster position has a 2-year term, and total of a 4-year commitment.  CURRENT:  Claire McCullough (claire-mccullough@utc.edu)

Thanks for considering submitting a nomination.