The Two-Year College Division (TYCD) was established by the ASEE Board of Directors in 1992, in recognition of the important role played by two-year programs in the engineering education pipeline. The TYCD of ASEE is composed of faculty and administrators hailing from two-year colleges that have programs in Engineering Science transfer and/or Engineering Technology. The primary role of the division is to focus on those engineering and engineering technology education issues that are important (and, in some cases, unique) to community colleges, junior colleges, 2 + 2 programs, two-year technical institutes, and other two-year programs. Two-year colleges play an important role in educating our nation’s scientists and engineers.

One goal of the member schools of the TYCD is to assure a steady supply of qualified Engineering Science and Engineering Technology transfer graduates to our senior engineering transfer institutions. Another goal of TYCD member schools is to provide students with terminal, application-oriented associate’s degrees in Engineering Technology. Yet another objective of member schools it to serve as a technical resource for regional business and industry.

The TYCD of ASEE provides members with a forum to discuss, confer, and share thoughts and strategies on topics of interest to two-year colleges including accreditation, pedagogy, transfer issues, retention, and recruitment. The open-door policy of TYCD member institutions necessitate the acceptance of all students regardless of their level of academic preparation; we then educate and prepare these students for either immediate employment as Engineering Technicians, or for transfer into baccalaureate Engineering programs.