Student Chapters

“The first ASEE Student Chapter was founded in 1993 at Purdue University under the leadership of Dr. Jim Jones. The enthusiasm and guidance of Dr. Jones has been integral in the establishment of ASEE Student Chapters”. (Source:

If you have updates on the status of these or other chapters please send an e-mail to the Student Chapter Chair, whom you can find on our officers page. To fill out an end-of-semester report, please click here.

If you are interested in forming a chapter on your campus, check the ASEE Student Chapter Startup Guidebook for helpful information (PDF) (Wiki). You are also encouraged to read about the Student Chapter Mission (PDF). The following resource can also tell your chapter more about the Student Division and other useful resources (PDF)(PPT) If you are brainstorming possible events that your student chapter can host, we have a list already made (PDF).

Active Chapters

Austin Community College
Established 2002
President: Baldemar “Mark” RodriguezDouglas Smith
University of Cincinnati
Established 2020
President: Jutshi Agarwal
Vice-President: Mariam Alwattari
Treasurer: Gibin Raju
Graduate Student Rep: Jacob Orkwis
Undergrad Student Rep: Ritika Joshi
Gregory Bucks
City College of New York, CUNY
Established 2010
President: Robert Serrano  
External Vice-President: Jiahua Li
Internal Vice-President: Shengzhi Luo
Treasurer: Yuheng Liu
Secretary: Maria Calderas
Ali Sadegh
Clemson University
Established 2015
Co-Presidents: Aubrie PfirmanParan Norton  
Treasurer: Paran Norton
Web-master: Catherine McGough
 Cindy Lee
Georgia Tech University
Established 2011
President: Muhammad Rizwan  
Vice-President: Courtney DiVittorio
Treasurer: Courtney DiVittorio
Secretary: Daniel Moreno
Wendy Newstetter
University of Michigan 
Established 1994
President: Joanne Beckwith  
Co-vice president: Sarah Bork
Co-vice president: Emma Brannon
Treasurer: Kate Finn
Secretary: Robert (Bobby) Graham
Webmaster: Robert (Bobby) Graham
Barry Belmont
Ohio State University
Established 2010
President: Ryan Powell  
Vice-President: Connor Lambert
Treasurer: Sara Neumeister
Outreach Chair: Trevor ZolotasRachel Stillons
Secretary: Alex Berger
Communications Chair: Payton Gilaine
Emily Dringenberg
Ohio Northern University
Established 2012
President: Matthew WalkerTodd France
Oregon State University
Established 2014
President: Christina Smith  
Vice President: Grace Panther
Treasurer: Matthew Barner
Devlin Montfort
Purdue University
Established 1993
President: Hassan Al Yagoub  
Secretary: Danielle Winter
Treasurer: Jenny Quintana
Instructions & Classroom Practices Chair: Moses Olayemi
Health & Wellness Chair: Julianna Ge
Research & Scholarship Chair: Liesl Krause
Website Development Chair: Alonzo Smiley
Audeen Fentiman
Stanford University
Established 2010
President: Stacey Huang  
Vice President: Zach del Rosario
Financial Officer: Marissa Lee
Established 2015
President:  Alex Jannini  
Vice-President: Shelby Buffington
Secretary: Katy Pieri
Treasurer: Alex Johnson
Julie Hasenwinkel
Texas A&M
Established 2016
President: Daniel Coronel  
Officer: Luke Oaks
Texas Tech University 
Established 2016
President: Redha Gheraba  
External VP and Membership: Casey M. Williams
Internal VP and Treasurer: Paul L. Sims
Clifford Fedler
Tufts University
Established 2009
President: Jessica SwensonChris SwanChris Rogers
University of Central Florida
Currently called Student Panel for Engineers and Computer Science (SPECS)
Established 2011 
President: Gillian Werner  
Vice President: Hannah Supple
Kate Hoffman Hurt
University of Florida
Established 2014
President: Caroline ArmstrongChelsey Simmons
Utah State University
Established 2013
President: Sarah Lopez
Vice President: Laura Gelles
Webmaster: Aime Baisley
Member at Large: Yuzhen Luo
Kurt Becker
University of Texas at El Paso
Revived 2015
President: Aileen TapiaPeter Golding
Virginia Tech
Revived 2009
President: Teirra Holloman
Vice President: Kj Chew
Secretary: Jessica Deters
Treasurer: Logan Perry
Information Resources Officer: Crystal Pee

Dormant Chapters

SchoolPoint of Contact
Broome Community CollegeN/A
Iowa State UniversityLoren ZacharyCamille Schroeder
Michigan Technological UniversitySheryl Sorby
Northern Illinois UniversityPromod Vohra
Northwestern UniversityN/A
SUNY BuffaloAlexander Cartwright
Temple UniversityRobert Brooks
Tuskegee UniversityFiras Akasheh
University of Illinois – Urbana ChampaignLeslie Srajek
University of South CarolinaJed Lyons
University of VirginiaJennifer Chiu
University of WashingtonJennifer Turns
University of Wisconsin – MadisonN/A
Washington State UniversityShane Brown