Paper Award

The Thomas C. Evans Engineering Education Paper Award is given to the author or authors of the most outstanding paper pertaining to engineering education

Award Winners

1998 — David C. Banks, Mississippi State University
1999 — Douglas Hirt, Clemson University
2000 — Raj Rajagopalan, University of Florida
2001 — Pedro E. Arce, Florida A&M-Florida State
2002 — Anna P. Phillips, University of Memphis and Scott A. Yost, University of Kentucky
2003 — Laura W. Lackey, Mercer University and W. Jack Lackey, Georgia Institute of Technology
2004 — Julie E. Sharp, Vanderbilt University
2005 — Kurt Gramoll, University of Oklahoma, Wes Hines, University of Tennessee and Mary Kocak, Pellissippi State Technical Community College
2006 — Joseph J. Biernacki, Tennessee Technological University
2007 — Adrienne R. Minerick, Ebonye-Rosa T. Allen, and Bill B. Elmore
Mississippi State University
2008 — Pedro E. Arce, Tennessee Technological University, Mario Oyanader, and Stephen Whittaker
2009 — Rebecca K. Toghiani, Adrienne R. Minerick, and Keisha Walters,
Mississippi State University
2010 — Julie Trenor, Clemson University
2011 — Melissa Dagley-Falls, Michael Georgiopoulos, and Cynthia Young,
University of Central Florida
2012 — Mary Katherine Watson, Caroline Noyes, and Michael Rodgers, Georgia Institute of Technology
2013 — Tanya Kunberger, Florida Gulf Coast University
2014 — Pedro E. Arce, J. Biernacki, J. Pascal and J. R. Sanders,
Tennessee Technological University
2016 — Anna Howard, North Carolina State University
2017 — Mary Katherine Watson, The Citadel
2018 — Courtney Faber and Lisa Benson, University of Tennessee Knoxville
2019 — Rachel McCord, University of Tennessee Knoxville
2020 — Simon Thomas Ghanat, The Citadel
2021 — Robby Sanders, Tennessee Tech University