June 18, 2018

Article 1: Name

The name of this Division shall be the Manufacturing Division of the American Society for Engineering Education.

Article 2: Membership

Membership shall be open to all the members of the American Society for Engineering Education with an interest in Manufacturing Engineering to promote and disseminate engineering based pedagogical scholarship and research.  Members who pay the division dues every year will continue to play an active role in the manufacturing division by being included in the membership list for information dissemination of the division activities.

2.1 Full rights and responsibilities of membership in the Division shall be granted to those members of the Society who are listed in the Society records as having elected affiliation with the Manufacturing Division (current due rate is zero). Such listing shall be granted to any and all members of the Society who designate such affiliation on their Society membership application and/or renewal.

2.2 Voting rights and other membership privileges shall accrue to those Society members listed in the Society records as Division members at the time of any action requiring the exercise of voting rights or other membership privileges.

Article 3: Objective

The objective of this Division shall be identical with those of the Society, as stated in Article 1 of the Constitution of ASEE. Within the context of said article, special emphasis shall be placed by the Division upon those activities and objectives as pertain to the field of manufacturing, and especially to education in manufacturing. The division is also committed to advance and coordinate the development of manufacturing engineering research through dialogue between industry and faculty and by embracing diverse professions and faculty from engineering.


Article 4: Organization, Officers, and Executive Committee

The officers of the division shall include a Division Chair, Chair-Elect, Program Chair, Associate and Assistant Program Chairs, Awards Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and a Webmaster. All the members of the manufacturing division shall be members of the American Society of Engineering Education.  The term of the officers shall be one year each, commencing at the end of the annual business meeting held at American Society of Engineering conference. An executive committee comprised of the immediate past chair and three directors at large shall administer the division activities. The directors -at-large shall serve terms of three years with one new directorship filled by elections each year. The duties of the vacated positions will be fulfilled by the division officers based on their designation.

The Executive committee shall be empowered to conduct all business of the Division in the interim between annual business meetings, with the exceptions of regular elections of officers and directors and of amendments to these Bylaws. The Executive committee shall establish such activities as may be desirable for the promotion and fostering of the purposes of the Division.

Article 5: Election of Officers

Elections of the required positions shall take place once a year during the annual business meeting of the division.  This meeting shall be convened for the purpose of election sand other activities pertaining to the division and its operation. The nominations shall be by the nominating committee and further nominations can be made on the floor by any member of the committee and by seconding the member at the business meeting. Officers will be elected based on a simple majority-based election by the division present at the annual business meeting. In an event that  that the office of chair becomes vacant, the chair elect shall assume the activities and duties of the chair to fulfill the term.

Article 6: Committees

The following committees shall exist under the umbrella of the division:

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee shall be a standing committee and shall be comprised of all past chairs of the Division and the directors-at-large whose terms of office are not being completed in the current Division year. The chair of the Nominating Committee shall be appointed by the Division Chair.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall establish such ad hoc or standing committees of the Division as it deems necessary to carry out the purposes of the Division.

Article 7: Duties of Officers

7.1 The Chair shall have administrative responsibility to conduct all functions of the Division in accordance with the division Bylaws, the policies and procedures established by the Executive Committee, and the provisions of the Constitution of the Society. The chair shall Schedule, organize, and conduct the annual business meeting of the Division and all meetings of the Executive Committee. He/She shall compile annual reports of the activities in accordance to the division and represent the division and its members among the manufacturing education communities and other entities thereof. The chair shall act as a signatory, along with the Treasurer, for expenditures against accounts held by the Society on behalf of the Division.

7.2 The Program Chair shall in cooperation with the Division Chairman, devise a program plan for all technical and professional sessions to be sponsored by the Division at that annual conference of the Society, in consonance with the established theme of the annual conference and the expressed interests of the members of the Division.

7.2.1 In cooperation with Associate and Assistant Program Chairs, organize and schedule all technical, professional and business sessions sponsored by the Division at the annual conference of the Society. These duties shall include: coordination with other units of the Society with whom the Division may co-sponsor an event; selection and oversight of session moderators; coordination of selection and supervision of speakers; representation of the Division with the Society in all program matters; and other related tasks as may be required.

7.2.2 In conjunction with the Executive Committee, plan, organize and direct any and all other technical and professional programs of the Division, and develop guidelines which will foster consistency and high professional standards for the conduct of all programs, sessions, publications and other presentations of the Division.

7.2.3 Act for the Division Chair at business meetings of the Division or the Executive Committee, in the event of the absence of the Chair from such meetings.

7.3 The Associate and Assistant Program Chairs shall in cooperation with the Program Chair, work under the provisions of Article 7.2 of the Bylaws.

7.4 The Awards Chair shall develop and administer the awards programs of the Division. These duties shall include: preparation of proposals for Division awards for the approval of the Executive Committee; development of the necessary documentation and acquisition of appropriate Society approvals; administration of nominations and selections for awards presented by the Division; and other related tasks as may be required.

7.4.1Develop and maintain liaisons with other organizations seeking to recognize excellence in and exemplary contributions to manufacturing education.

7.5 The Secretary shall record minutes of the annual business meetings; meetings of the Executive Committee and other special meetings as may be appropriate. The Secretary/Treasurer shall distribute copies of the minutes to Society officers and Division members, as is appropriate.

7.6. The Treasurer shall be responsible to develop and maintain financial accounts with Society as are appropriate to the pursuit of the purposes of the Division. These duties shall include acting as a signatory for expenditures against accounts held by the Society on behalf of the Division. Treasurer shall Prepare an annual financial report of the Division for presentation at the annual business meeting of the Division.

7.7 The Webmaster shall be responsible in design and maintenance of the Division Web-Page and any interaction that relates to the Division e-mail listserv.

Article 8: Meetings

There shall be an annual business meeting of the division at the Annual conference of the society.  The meeting shall be open to all the division members of Manufacturing division. Other meetings for the purpose of transacting business requiring action by the membership of the Division may be convened by the Division Chair at other Society meetings of national scope, provided that thirty (30) days mailed notice is given to Division members. The program and division chair shall communicate with the division members to arrange the meeting place, time and the necessary arrangements. A quorum to conduct the meeting shall consist of the members of the division and the officers and directors present at the annual business meeting.

Article 9: Amendments

The aforementioned bylaws may be amended by the vote of at least two third of the votes of division officers. The proposed amendments and revisions may be approved and proposed by the executive committee at the annual business meeting of the division. Amendments and revisions approved by the division membership shall be submitted through the appropriate PIC Chair for approval by majority vote of the ASEE Board of Directors and shall take effect only upon such approval.

Article 10: Exclusivity

In the event of any conflict of these Bylaws with the provisions of the Constitution of the Society, said Constitution shall take precedence.