Call for Participation (Video Competition)


Please enter the ASEE Community Engagement Division 2021 Video Competition

Do you have an engineering community engagement story to tell? ASEE CED would like to announce its second video competition and encourage all to consider participating. The goal is to recognize outstanding efforts and promote high-quality meaningful communion in the field of engineering community engagement.

Entries must be submitted HERE by March 31st, 2021, which consists of completing a short online form, including pasting a link to your published YouTube video. Winners will be announced at the 2021 ASEE national conference.


CED Video Competition Categories, Criteria, and Prizes

The competition consists of the following prize categories:

  • Best Engagement Practices
  • Greatest Community Impact
  • Best Engagement During COVID-19 (This category will be included only if sufficient relevant videos are submitted)


The videos will be evaluated by the team of judges using the competition’s rubric. The video with the highest combined score in each prize category will be the winner. Each video can receive a maximum of one prize.

There is a total prize pool of $1000 dollars budgeted for this competition. This will be divided evenly between the number of prizes awarded. Any costs for providing potential physical awards will utilize this budget as well.


CED Video Competition Judges

The videos for this competition will be reviewed and judged by a panel of senior community engagement practitioners and researchers. The process for recruiting judges is underway and a list of judges will be published once finalized.


CED Video Competition Minimum Requirements

Video Content

  • The length of the video must be between 3 and 5 minutes, including any opening title information and closing credits.
  • All videos must be original and appropriate for a general audience.
  • Videos must comply with copyright rules and regulations. Sources of information and materials used (i.e. music) must be properly acknowledged and credited in the video.


Video Format

  • Videos are to be uploaded publicly to YouTube. The link and permission for ASEE CED to use this video shall be provided in the competition submission form.
  • Resolution minimum of 720p


Team and Institution

  • At least one video project team member must be an ASEE member. An ASEE member must be the one to complete the competition submission form.
  • Team members, any affiliated educational institution, and partnering organizations should be acknowledged in the video.


Other Information

  • Identify the intended audience and main message for this video in the competition submission form.
  • Certification by the applicant in the competition submission form that: All partners (or their representative) mentioned in this video have viewed the final form of this video, endorsed its message, and approved of it being released for use in this ASEE CED video competition.
  • Certification by the applicant in the competition submission form that: All persons in this video have signed model release forms appropriate to this effort.